From Jenna Garrett’s article for Feature Shoot:

Far surpassing common aerial photography, Brooklyn-based photographer Zack Seckler transforms southern Africa into living landscapes pulsing with color and wonder in his series Botswana. Using an ultra-light aircraft, Seckler photographed the entire series less than 500 feet above ground. The low elevation allows Botswana to blossom with exquisite detail while painting a poetic whole, each image bursting with a roaming vitality. The photos feel fluid and moving, each creature dotted across a textural abstraction of vegetation and glassy waters. Here we are given an omnipresent vision, examining a lush world with fresh perspective when captured at this bird’s-eye view. A delicate balance that is both miniscule and infinite, Seckler allows the terrain of Africa to breathe free, each magical landscape running wildly into the blue.

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