Zachari Logan Reading/Signing at CLAMP on 08.14.2023
Join Zachari Logan at CLAMP on October 14, 2023 from 4 – 6 PM for a reading and signing of his 2021 book of poems, A Natural History of Unnatural Things.

“Poetry and visual art have an intimate relationship, and the brilliant artist Zachari Logan demonstrates just how magnificent the exchange of imagery can be in his stunning debut poetry collection, A Natural History of Unnatural Things. In Logan’s hands, the imprint of a moth wing on a napkin, or a loose tooth, or a cast-off cat claw in an ashtray can have heart-wrenching, macrocosmic ramifications. Combining the natural with the human-made, these poems become assemblages as complex as the horticultural collages of Mary Delany that Logan reveres. A Natural History of Unnatural Things reminds us that poetry comes from the kaleidoscopic imagination, yet it is Logan’s life experiences that ground the wisdom of these always unpredictable, sumptuously precise, unflinchingly observed poems.”—Molly Peacock, author of The Paper Garden, Flower Diary, and The Analyst: Poems