A color photograph by Adam Ekberg of a lawn chair in wide, open field being catapulted into the air with a long board, cinder block, and a yellow bucket.
Adam Ekberg has a solo exhibition on view at the Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY, titled “Adam Ekberg: Minor Spectacles,” which runs through August 6, 2023.

View the Museums’s listing for the exhibition here.

From the Eastman Museum:

Whatever transpires in the blink of an eye can be either a minor occurrence or a great spectacle, depending on our perception of that event. What happens when we are the sole witness to an event? There is an inherent loneliness in not being able to share something, whether mundane or astonishing, with others.

This loneliness permeates Adam Ekberg’s whimsical photographs that document the climax of orchestrated events. While the camera freezes them into still lifes, a sense of continuity—like the arc of a story—happens as one realizes that Ekberg (American, b. 1975) invented, manifested, documented, and concluded these events. The objects take on lives of their own, even though we know that such agency is impossible for a roller skate, a pumpkin, or a balloon to have without human intervention. Ekberg’s presence is underscored by his absence in the resulting pictures.

Ekberg works with an intense focus on imagining, generating, and capturing each precise moment of whimsy. Through this absurdist approach, he invites us to slow down, be present, and pay attention to the ordinary. In doing so, this work suggests that we might find the extraordinary in the fleeting moment.