Mikael Owunna mural unveiled at Heinz Hall in downtown Pittsburgh
Image: Mikael Owunna below his mural “Playing the Cosmic Strings.”

A 60-foot-wide photographic mural by Mikael Owunna was unveiled in Downtown Pittsburgh to mark the 50th anniversary of Heinz Hall. Commissioned by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and installed in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the mural features Marques Redd, a recent collaborator of Owunna’s who co-directed the film “Obi Mbu (The Primordial House): An Igbo Creation Myth,” which can be seen in ClampArt’s current exhibition “Mikael Owunna | Cosmologies.”

Titled “Playing the Cosmic Strings,” the piece is inspired by Uwa Okoso (Igbo String Wave Cosmology), which has a rich understanding of music as the totality of sonic harmonies emanating from the subtle, spirit vibrations of the infinite strings that make up creation.

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