Mery Meisler’s work was featured in AIPAD’s June 2021 “Exposure” newsletter:

As a challenging school year comes to a close, Meryl Meisler’s show at ClampArt in New York City, New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco, on view through July 9, pairs photographs of a Brooklyn public school in the 1980s with vibrant black-and-white pictures of the city’s nightlife in the ’70s. A teacher in the New York City public schools for 31 years, 13 of which were at a middle school in Bushwick, Meisler brought her camera with her wherever she went. That included the then-distressed neighborhood of Bushwick, where she taught during the day, and the discos where she went dancing at night. “I approached it as a personal documentary,” she says. Her photographs include a Helen Levitt-like picture of five children working on a bike and Grace Jones making a grand entrance. A new book by the same title, published by Parallel Pictures Press, is out in late July.

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