All the Little Things, like an archeological dig, pieces together a history, a reflection of the past.

On March 13, 2020, the day the COVID pandemic was declared a national emergency, I was on a flight
to Florida to move my mother into an assisted living facility. When the Miami facility went into quarantine our move-in date was delayed. That same week she was diagnosed with cancer. My one-week visit turned into a three-month stay as caregiver and chronicler of this critical time.

I began photographing her doctor’s visits, meals, medications, moments of pain, and chemotherapy treatment. As I photographed, one part of her life seemed particularly poignant; the little things I was packing up in preparation for the move.

Before I packed an item, I photographed it on newsprint packing paper. Each object helped me reflect on my childhood and my relationship with my mother, and memories of her parents. Yet, there is meaning and memory in these objects that resonate beyond my experience.

Like the Buddhist concept of Indra’s Net, the interconnectedness of all things, each “node” reflects upon the next. Each object is a moment in time, while at the same time myriad things, past, present and future.

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