From Alessandra Schade’s article on Marco Anelli’s most recent monograph for Musée Magazine:

Anelli’s rare access into the sacred space of one’s studio is both an honor and a valuable opportunity to experience and document the lives of private artists working in New York. The relentless creative process, which demands time and persistence, is evident in his photographs. The artist’s studio, like their work, is an unfinished and perpetually transforming entity, an expression of their process that informs their labor.

From a messy countertop, to a refined portrait or indiscriminate corner, Anelli welcomes us into this space with him. When consuming the photos of this book we can wipe the dust off the top of the canvas, chip the hardened paint spills with our fingernails, smell the fumes of bleach and ammonia, and simmer in the hallowed spaces he enters.

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