From Jacqui Palumbo’s article for Artsy:

When Jesse Burke’s first-born daughter, Clover Lee, was five years old, he began exploring the natural world with her. Burke, who lives in Rhode Island with his family, considers the great outdoors to be a classroom that provides essential tools for life. Over five years, they periodically went into the wild together, taking road trips across the country. In 2015, Burke compiled a selection of his photographs in the monograph “Wild & Precious.”

“On the road we talk about the vastness of nature and try to get more in touch with the earth,” wrote Burke in his artist statement. “Together we document the routes we drive, the landscapes we discover, the creatures we encounter, even the roadside motels where we sleep.” Since he published the book, his younger daughters, Poppy Dee and Honey Bee, have grown older and joined in on the adventures.

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