From Silvia Vacirca’s article for L’Orfficiel [translated from Italian]:

The “Arcana” project coincides with a return of interest in witchcraft in popular culture. On Instagram tags such as #witch (more than 7.5 million posts), #witchy (1.4 million) and #witchesofinstagram (2.2 million) form an imaginary that includes jewelry, make up, tattoos, fashion, crystals, medicinal herbs, ancestral landscapes, and a myriad of Gothic selfies. The spiritual and lifestyle aspects of the phenomenon are blurred and the “witchy” category becomes an aesthetic that helps to sell, even a magazine like “Sabat” by Elisabeth Krohn. The witches of “Arcana”, on the other hand, do normal jobs. Even if they violate sexual and gender standards and refuse to assimilate into the dominant culture, they maintain a normal appearance.

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