Victor Cobo Resume

Victor Cobo was born in 1971 to a Spanish mother and an American father. His autobiographical photographs explore lurid and playful melodramas that address the primal mysteries of sex, birth, death, damnation, and salvation. His deepest unspoken concern is the nature of reality itself.

Cobo is a self-taught photographer who draws inspiration from Surrealism, Film Noir, and German Expressionism. Repeated visits to The Museo del Prado in Spain with his taxi-driving grandfather and seeing midnight thrillers in Florida with his father as a child changed his life.

In 2007 his works were included in “Masters of American Photography” at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art with William Eggleston, Robert Frank, and Lee Friedlander. In 2010 Cobo’s works were included in “Hauntology” at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, alongside such artists as Francisco de Goya, Francis Bacon, and Diane Arbus. The exhibition was curated by Scott Hewicker and Lawrence Rinder.

In 2016 a book of his work titled Exit Pleasure was published by L’Artiere Editions in Italy. The forward was written by world-renowned photographer Larry Fink.


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