Frances F. Denny’s portraits from “Major Arcana: Witches in America” are featured alongside an article by Luciana Bellini in La Repubblica:

No one can deny that witches are on the crest of a wave. The US television schedule is brimming with mischief, from A Discovery of Witches to the remake of Witches to The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina, a reinterpretation of Sabrina, a witch’s life that repositions the adolescent heroine as a feminist who casts an eye on the headmaster of his school triggering an invasion of spiders, when he refuses to take measures against bullying on his transgender friend.

Every millennial you meet is learning to read the tables or plans to go and buy a crystal ball next weekend; even in the stores of Urban Outfitters there are books with titles like The Good Witch’s Guide: A Modern Day Wiccapedia of Magickal Ingredients and Spells (Guide to the Good Witch: The Modern Encyclopedia of Magic and Spell Ingredients). Then there are the witches who are seen at political demonstrations and feminist marches, who wave signs with words like “Dangerous witch” or “We are the grandchildren of all the witches who have not been able to burn”. The 2019 witches are galvanized and political, and they are not afraid to expose themselves in public.

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