From Cassidy Dawn Graves’ article regarding the exhibition “The City (And a Few Lonely People)” for Bedford + Bowery:

Some exhibition titles are symbolic, but ClampArt’s latest offering The City (And A Few Lonely People) is fairly straightforward in what it offers. Indeed, this group show does in fact feature images of cities as well as images of people, who we presume to be lonely, just as well all tend to be from time to time. The list of participating artists is fairly starry: Nan Goldin, David Wojnarowicz, Diane Arbus, and Larry Clark are just a handful of many. Inspired by Olivia Laing’s 2016 book The Lonely City, which details the solitude that springs from a move to New York City from London, the exhibition is a collection of photography that delves into “isolation within urban spaces,” a feeling sure to be familiar to many.

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