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Brooklyn-based photographer Frances F. Denny set off on a quest in early 2016, which would take her around the country, to document what the word ‘witch’ means today and found manifold practices and identities. Some women shared their ‘coming out of the broom closet’ – the community’s parlance for telling people you are a witch—stories with Denny, who has traced one ancestor to a central judge during the Salem witch trials and another who was accused of witchcraft around twenty years before.

The portrait portfolio comes amid the backdrop of the one year anniversary of the #MeToo movement’s rise, anger on the left over the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearings where the then-Supreme Court nominee was accused of sexual assault, and an uptick in mass hexing that has targeted convicted rapist Brock Turner and President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, some younger women have turned to witchcraft or parts of it as a means of self-care that is Insta-ready. interviewed four witches who took part in Denny’s project, and all spoke about a political element to their identities and practice.

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