From the 18-page portfolio of Marc Yankus’ work in August:

In New York, there are three constants: death, taxes, and real estate. Like the subway system, property value here sometimes grinds to a halt, but more often than not it barrels forward like an express train. The recent spate of residential high-rises in Midtown and Lower Manhattan is a concrete reminder of who is king in this jungle.

But even New Yorkers forget that there are four other boroughs in the city beyond the one they reside in. And just outside the hyper-inflated island of Manhattan there are places in New York where some properties are not only undervalued but often neglected.

The photographer Marc Yankus has been documenting New York’s architecture for years, mining the landscape not for its monetary but artistic value.

View a PDF of Marc Yankus’ portfolio in the New York issue of August

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