From Danielle Wu’s post at filthy dreams:

‘Like Smoke,’ on view now through December 4, 2016 at Equity Gallery, is a response to the perceived lack of institutional visibility for art about the queer experience without explicitly focusing on queer bodies and their erotic potential. Curated by Filthy Dreams’ contributor Osman Can Yerebakan, the exhibition is a sensitive and nuanced take on LGBTQ identity politics, attempting in earnest to coax empathy from even its toughest opponents by focusing on the shared human desire to love and be loved.

The exhibition adopts its title from the French arthouse film directed by Jean Genet, Un Chant D’Amour, in which two male prisoners blow smoke through a hole through the cell wall that divides them as a pseudo-courtship. With this in mind, it is apparent that the exhibition takes visual cues from cinematic Western romance. Works such as Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde’s stone archway Double Pressure! (or Anti-Monument to the Queer Diaspora) (2016) and Carl Ferrero’s crumpled notebook paper Lovers (2009) form familiar components of many romantic films: an ancient architectural city, and lost or misplaced correspondence.

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