From Betsy Horan’s article and slide show of photography by Marc Yankus for The New York Times:

Part tonic and part “Twilight Zone,” the photographer Marc Yankus’s series “The Secret Lives of Buildings” conjures an alternate reality — a quieter, more ethereal New York City than the one that really exists. “It’s like taking a walk through a dreamlike, peaceful environment,” he says. With an exacting eye, Yankus captures the architectural detail of both city landmarks and anonymous facades — yet alters each in some way, removing people, skewing the angles of buildings or distorting light and color. This sleight of hand allows the buildings to come to life and take on a starring personality — one that usually is ignored in the hubbub of daily life. Here, “Barber Shop,” 2015. “On Seventh Avenue through the upper part of the West Village, I noticed one day that all the buildings sit on different angles,” Yankus explains.

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