Artist Marc Yankus takes over Smithsonian Magazine’s Instagram account

Artist Marc Yankus is taking over Smithsonian Magazine‘s Instagram account for one week, starting today, February 20th, 2016. Follow Marc Yankus (@marcyankus) and Smithsonian Magazine (@smithsonianmagazine).

Marc writes:

I am Marc Yankus (@marcyankus), a New York City-based fine art photographer. For three decades I have photographed New York’s evolving cityscape: abandoned buildings and stately brownstones. I decided to expand my artistic horizons by journeying to Antarctica. There I brought my New York sensibility to the great outdoors—trading city blocks for icebergs and eight million people for seven million penguins.

On Smithsonian Magazine‘s Instagram account, Marc will be posting breathtaking photos from his travels through Antarctica, where the epic landscapes and threatened wildlife have inspired him to share his photos as a form of “artistic activism.”

For more of Marc Yankus’ work:

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Raechel McCarthy, Associate Director