Adam Ekberg and Lane Coder included in Winter Pictures
Left: Adam Ekberg, “A sparkler on a frozen lake”; Right: Lane Coder, “Untitled.”

Adam Ekberg and Lane Coder are both included in the Humble Arts Foundation’s online exhibition Winter Pictures.

Like many of Humble’s single-image-per-photographer exhibitions, “Winter Pictures” seeks to draw connections between single images from different photographers, independent of the relationship to their long-term projects or larger bodies of work. For example, aside from its obvious seasonal theme, does Jay Seawell’s anxiety-ridden photograph of toy soldiers fighting in a Washington Mall snowstorm share a cold despair with Paula McCartney’s flash-blasted abstraction of snowflakes at night? Can we find a conversation between Andre Viking’s vernacular, light leaked vacation snapshot and Andy Mattern’s typologies of Minnesotan snow chunk accumulations? Does a photograph need to include snow to be considered “winter themed”? (Despite so many images in this show fitting that bill, the answer is obvious.) And why are so many photographers consistently drawn to making pictures of buried cars, snow drifts and minimalist white-on-white landscapes?

Check out the wide range of work in this online exhibition curated by Jon Feinstein and Andy Adams.

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Raechel McCarthy, Associate Director