From Gayletter:

We are big fans of ClampArt Gallery, Brian Clamp (the director) has such great taste in art–I always wonder about his personal art collection. We are always excited when we hear there’s a new opening at the gallery. Brian reached out to tell about about the gallery’s first exhibition in 2016, “John Arsenault: Barmaid.” He told us that Arsenault worked as a bar-back at the Eagle LA for nearly two years, and his new body of work is a visual diary of his time there. It’s the artist’s fifth solo show at ClampArt and it coincides with the release of Arsenault’s first monograph which was published by Daylight Books. “He shot thousands of photographs–largely with his iPhone… The collection of images includes customer and employee portraits, interior shots of the bar itself, and a wide array of self portraits.” I peeked at some of the photographs and they show an obvious connection between the photographer and his subjects–the images feel real, unpretentious and very honest. –ABI

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