Frank Yamrus’ work in a three-person show at SF Camerawork

Frank Yamrus’ new series “A Sense of a Beginning” is included in a three-person show at SF Camerawork titled “Long-Term Survivor Project.” The other artists include Grahame Perry and Hunter Reynolds. The exhibition runs from June 4 to July 18, 2015.

In celebration of annual Pride month and in honor of National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivor Day (June 5th), SF Camerawork is proud to present the “Long-Term Survivor Project.” This is an exhibition and public programing series addressing the experiences of HIV survivorship in our society.

The exhibition features the work of artists Hunter Reynolds (New York), Frank Yamrus (New York), and Grahame Perry (San Francisco). The associated public programming includes two nights of documentary photography-based projects and roundtable discussions: “Portrait of Caring: Living With AIDS” at the Bailey-Boushay House by Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover on June 10th, and “The House of Bangy Cunts: Kiki Ballroom in New York” by Anja Matthes on July 14th. As a whole, the “Long-Term Survivor Project” explores the history of AIDS, the current state of health, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, and the more personal, humanistic stories of those living with the past and present realities of the disease.

Frank Yamrus’ “A Sense of a Beginning” is a series of solemn and stately portraits of long-term HIV survivors. Through this series Yamrus tells the story of survivorship as manifested not only in the lines and physical attributes of his subjects’ faces, which bear subtle testimony to the effects of HIV medications, but also as a factual declaration of presence. Each person depicted in the series is alive today thanks to a complex regimen of medication and years of struggle and determination. Long-term survivorship is a story of countless physician appointments, blood draws, continually shifting drug regimes and constant monitoring of T-cells and viral loads, in the midst of untold grief watching friends and loved ones die. Through the peak years of the struggle against AIDS may have faded into recent memory, survivors live on, bearing the impact of AIDS in their everyday lives.

SF Camerawork
1011 Market Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Brian Paul Clamp, Director