Left: Amy Stein, “New Homes”; Right: Jill Greenberg, “Glitch Cat (Morris)”

Amy Stein and Jill Greenberg are both included in the Humble Arts Foundation’s online exhibition, New Cats in Art Photography!

Why do we love cats? Why are they one of the most viral entities known to post Generation X’ers and Millennials? Why are feline musings simultaneously click-bait dreams and equally one of the largest causes of social media animosity and “de-friending?” This exhibition won’t answer any of those questions. Nor will it project any theories on the impact of cats in our rapidly shifting contemporary photographic landscape, but it will give you a glimpse into how cats make their way into the work some of today’s most challenging (and diverse) photographers.

Cats are always a tempting subject for photographers to shoot — and we at ClampArt are glad to see two of our own represented in this clever array of photographs (alongside internet sensation Li’l Bub, no less!).

View the essay by curator Jon Feinstein

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Blog post by:
Keavy Handley-Byrne, Gallery Assistant