TEDx Talk with Adrain Chesser
Image: Adrain Chesser, “Back of the Truck,” 2006-2012

Adrain Chesser is a self-taught photographer whose first critical success came with “I have something to tell you,” a personal exploration of what it meant to disclose a life-altering diagnosis of AIDS. Adrain gave a fantastic and very emotional TEDx talk in Vienna back in May, and now you can see it online!

In the very forthcoming and highly personal video, Chesser talks about the relationship between “I have something to tell you” and a later project called “The Return.” Collaborating with Native American ritualist Timothy White Eagle, Chesser followed a loosely-banded American nomadic group, using photography to create a mythic portrait of people living sustainably—outside of a system that Chesser feels irrevocably tied to because of his illness.

Browse Adrain Chesser’s series “The Return” at ClampArt

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Keavy Handley-Byrne, Gallery Assistant