Three photographs from ClampArt are included in Sasha Wolf Gallery’s summe
Images: Jen Davis, “Fantasy No. One,” 2004, Archival pigment print; Manjari Sharma, “Ben,” 2011, Archival inkjet print; Collin LaFleche, “Matt, Will, Henry and Ray,” 2007, Chromogenic print.

Jen Davis’ “Fantasy No. One”; Manjari Sharma’s “Ben”; and Collin LaFleche’s “Matt, Will, Henry and Ray” are currently featured in Sasha Wolf Gallery’s summer show titled “Romeo & Juliet: In Pictures.”

The exhibition is assembled with the arc of the play in mind, and the photographs that are meant to evoke specific aspects of the drama—the fight scenes, the party scene, the balcony, consummation of love, the deaths of the protagonists, and their subsequent memorialization—are all chosen for their individual strength as well as their narrative capacities. The viewer is being asked to consider how photographs can have a variety of meanings, and how images and well-known narratives can achieve new resonance when presented in different contexts.

The exhibition also includes work by Bruce Davidson, Walker Evans, and many others.

Sasha Wolf Gallery
70 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

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Blog post by:
Kevin Swann, Gallery Assistant