From Yetkin Nural’s extensive interview with Amy Touchette for Bant Magazine:

When photographer Amy Touchette saw the World Famous *BOB* on now-not-existent New York’s celebrated rock club CBGB’s stage, her first impulse was to document her life. Being built upon a collaboration with such instant chemistry; the black & white, grainy, highly atmospheric images in *BOB*’s photographic biography “Shoot the Arrow” are equally instantly captivating, leaving the viewer in awe upon the presence of this neo-burlesque queen.

*BOB* is a self-proclaimed female-to-female impersonator and spiritual transsexual. This unique gender definition is coming from a heart breaking and by all means impressive life story. Yet I will not get into the details since it is best told with *BOB*’s masterfully articulate and inspiring own words. But this I can tell you: *BOB*, stretched and released by Touchette’s bow, is shooting the target somewhere very close to heart.

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