Lori Nix’s work is included in a new show at the Bruce Museum

Lori Nix’s work is featured in the exhibition “Inside the Artists’ Studios: Small-Scale Views” at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut from December 14, 2013 – March 16, 2014. Other artists include Joe Fig, Richard Haas, and Jimmy Sanders. From the museum’s website:

Have you ever wished you could spy on artists engaged in the process of creation? Be a fly on the wall of their studios? Come see Inside the Artists’ Studios: Small-Scale Views, celebrating a three-decade long Bruce Museum holiday tradition, an exhibition of “small scale” constructions – in this case, artists looking at artists. Exhibited are works that spotlight the artists’ individual investigations and analyses of the creative process in three-dimensional miniature constructions as well as in painting, printmaking, and photography.

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT 06830-7157

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Brian Paul Clamp, Director