Jill Greenberg video is named a winner of the first International Motion Art Awa

As reported by David Schonauer for Motion Arts Pro Daily:

When she was attending the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1980s, photographer and filmmaker Jill Greenberg created a body of work she describes “drawings, paintings, and sculptures of little disgusting men in suits.” In 2012 she returned to the theme, creating a 6:30 slow-motion video that comments witheringly on the culture of power and entitlement. The work was inspired by a dinner she had with her husband at a Beverly Hills steak house: “I saw a table of eight white men in suits yucking it up with cigars, red wine, and expensive steaks,” she says. “I was also thinking about a photo I’d seen in the newspaper of Rush Limbaugh and another man laughing.” Greenberg’s video, which was named a winner of the first International Motion Art Awards, was made as political art: Collaborating with the L.A.-based non-profit Wake the Beast, Greenberg projected the video in Tampa, FL, during last summer’s Republican National Convention.

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