Frank Yamrus writes about a new self portrait and DOMA

Yesterday Frank Yamrus wrote about his new self portrait, “untitled (Red 2),” and the (then) pending decision by the Supreme Court concerning DOMA:

“Untitled (Red 2)” was made after two landmark cases, Hollingsworth v. Perry, 12-144 (appealing California’s ban on same-sex marriage) and United States v. Windsor, 12-307 (appealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act), were argued before the Supreme Court and still awaiting decision. In considering the potential “life-changing” impact these cases have on civil rights in this country, this image juxtaposes the desire for and fear of intimacy. Earlier in the “I Feel Lucky” series, I touched on the evolution of same sex marriage from the spectator’s viewpoint in “untitled (Obama)” and “untitled (Roses).” “Untitled (Red 2),” with its macabre humor, bluntly speaks to my own vulnerability. The gentle kiss of my partner’s hand reminds me of truth and makes me believe. As a community, some of us believe in God and we pray, some of us believe in justice and we fight, all of us believe in equality and we know. The Court will speak and our journey will continue.

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