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Born in Israel, Michal Chelbin lives and works in Israel, France, and the United States. Her work has been widely shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and can be found in many public and private collections, such as The Metropolitan Museum, New York City; LACMA, Los Angeles; The Getty Center, Los Angeles; Jewish Museum, New York City; Cleveland Museum of Art; Tel Aviv Museum; SFMOMA, San Francisco; Sir Elton John Collection, Atlanta, Georgia; and more.

Her critically acclaimed monograph Strangely Familiar: Acrobats, Athletes, and Other Traveling Troupes was published by Aperture in 2008 and was awarded PDN’s Photo Annual Book Award in 2009. Her next monograph entitled The Black Eye was published in 2010 by Twin Palms Publishers. Her third monograph entitled Sailboats and Swans was published in 2012 by Twin Palms Publishers. And her most recent monograph, How to Dance the Waltz, was published in 2021 by Damiani.

Chelbin is a regular contributor to the world’s leading publications, such as The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, BusinessWeek, GQ, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Le Monde and others.


This is a color photograph of six young men in black and green uniforms in front of a building in Russia with two windows.
Sailboats and Swans

Sailboats and Swans is a photography portrait series by photographer Michal Chelbin

This is a color photograph of a young boy in a red singlet with a blackened right eye.
The Black Eye

The Black Eye is a photography portrait series by Michal Chelbin documenting athletes and performers

This is a color photograph of a young girl in profile wearing a white dress against a floral wall.
Strangely Familiar

The images in this series are an attempt to capture human stories in everyday …


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