Luke Smalley, Megaphone
Luke Smalley, Indian Club
Indian Club I
Luke Smalley, Cyclists
Luke Smalley, Tug of War
Tug of War
Luke Smalley, Head Lock
Head Lock
Luke Smalley, Parlor Wrestlilng
Parlor Wrestling I
Luke Smalley, Rowing Machine Side View
Rowing Machine (Side View)
Luke Smalley, Rowing Machine
Rowing Machine
Smalley, Dustin, Rowing Machine I
Dustin, Rowing Machine I
Luke Smalley, Acrobat
Acrobat (Football on Feet)
Luke Smalley, Parlor Wrestling III
Parlor Wrestling III
Luke Smalley, Indian Club Portrait III
Indian Club Portrait III
Luke Smalley, Youth
Luke Smalley, HD
Luke Smalley, High School Wrestlers against tree
High School Wrestlers Against Tree
Medicine Ball Front
Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow
Luke Smalley, Parlor Wrestling IV
Parlor Wrestling IV
Luke Smalley, High School Wrestlers
High School Wrestlers

The teenage athletes in “Gymnasium” seem inhabitants of some time or place other than the northwestern Pennsylvania towns where the artist found and photographed them. The sensuality of these young men seems familiar; their gaze immediate and direct; yet their otherworldly quality remains a product of Smalley’s unique vision. No telephone or television seems possible in this particular landscape.

“Gymnasium” is the product of ten years worth of work.

“Gymnasium” also exists as a monograph from Twin Palms Publishers.

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