Black & Gold
Pink Horn
Barely Breathing
Forget About My Tainted Heart, It’s You I Keep My Legs Apart For
Do You See My Broken Heart?
Face Off
Hand Out
Good Luck
Endless Spahkle
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
The Future May Still Give You a Chance
Please Don’t Stay in Touch
You’re Lost in Me & I Don’t Get It
A Wolf at the Doorway
Love You from Afar
Your Judging is NOT Fun
What Is Meant for You Will Not Pass You By
Please Don’t Ask Me Where I’m Going Because I Don’t Know
I Can’t Stand How Much I Miss You
Boston Boy
Happy New Year
Italian Stallion
Cherry on Top
Mister Swiss Miss
The Youngest Was the Most Loved
Tony Broke Up with Me
What I Got for a Buck
Cub Path
Biker Queen
There Never Was a Woman of My Dreams
I Don’t Need a Lover
Family Portrait
Patriotic Overload
I Heart Men
The Weather Outside is Frightful
He Told Me to Take a Lick, Then He Asked Me to Marry Him
No Man, No Cry
A Summer’s Day With My Grandparents
I Have a Pimple
The Last Resort

Since first picking up a camera, John Arsenault has routinely been turning his lens back upon himself, producing an outlandish and absurd, wild and erotic account of his life as a young, gay artist. Exploring facets of his personal relationships, his sexuality, and his identity, Arsenault constructs various scenarios that not only tell the story of his experiences, but also comment upon society at large. With a great eye for the strange, the unexpected, and the laugh-out-loud ridiculous, he is not afraid to poke fun at himself, and thus, is able to comment upon matters of broad cultural import without seeming shrill or pedantic. Arsenault’s work is vulnerable and honest. As writer Dan Halm has concluded, “One can learn a lot about oneself through another’s eyes.”

Work by John Arsenault

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