From Two Way Lens:

Michael Werner: What inspired you to start taking photographs, and what is the primary inspiration for you to keep working in this field?

John Arsenault: It was in my junior year of high school. My friend Cindy bet me she could take a better photograph then I could, so I enrolled in a photography class. And I fell in love with it right away. She lost the bet and I found my passion!

I’m inspired by living life. My goal is to produce a visual monologue about my own life: the aspects of myself that I am most mystified and riveted by – my sexuality, my personal relationships, the masculine vs. feminine parts of my identity and my place within society.

With that said, my work is a photographic diary. I use the camera as a tool to capture the experiences that life presents every day. This includes vibrant color, humor & my ability of transcending the mundane: celebrating and highlighting moments that we often overlook are paralleled with intimate moments with friends and lovers.

My relationship with my work is a lot like all my relationships – some days I feel totally connected and other days I feel totally disconnected.

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