From Maggie Duffy’s article for the Tampa Bay Times:

On a festive Friday evening in May at The Werk Gallery, it felt like Pride month had come early.

The gallery was abuzz with patrons there to see “Fire Island 1970s: The Photography of Meryl Meisler” and to have a chance to meet the renowned New York photographer.

First an explainer: Fire Island is a barrier island off the southern shore of New York’s Long Island. The coastal community’s hamlets — Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove — are known as longtime safe havens for the LGBTQ+ community. In its heyday, it was known for raging parties and “tea dances” — gatherings that had evolved since the 1960s — where people could be uninhibited about their sexuality. By the post-Stonewall/pre-AIDS 1970s, it attracted luminaries of art, music and fashion.

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