From Canvas Rebel’s interview with Meryl Meisler:

After retiring from teaching in 2010, I began releasing large bodies of unseen photographs. My first monograph, “A Tale of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick” (Bizarre 2014), juxtaposes the zenith of disco photos with images of burned-out Bushwick, Brooklyn, in the 1980s. The second book, Purgatory & Paradise SASSY ’70s Suburbia & The City (Bizarre, 2015), contrasts intimate images of home life on Long Island alongside NYC street and nightlife. The latest, “New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco” (Parallel Pictures Press 2021), makes the first books seem like fairytales. I’ve returned to my analog roots in the darkroom, making gelatin silver prints of contemporary images and never-seen photos from the archive. My work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited worldwide. My wife Patricia O’Brien and I live and work in Woodstock and NYC, New York.

I am grateful to live a life of creative joy and purpose.

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