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An exciting new exhibit that makes an important contribution to queer history is about to open in St Petersburg , Florida this week . In conjunction with Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society, photographer Meryl Meisler is presenting FIRE ISLAND a celebration of 1970s Gay Culture on the gay mecca that is parallel to the South Shore of Long Island

Her camera captured the sexy, free-spirited, post-Stonewall/pre-AIDS summers on Fire Island with her camera in the late 1970s. She had been Partying at Studio 54 in Manhattan, when she befriended a trans woman named Alexa, who introduced her to Barnett, a Manhattan beautician. Barnett was recovering from a breakup with his business and romantic partner. Enjoying Meryl’s company, he invited her for a weekend at his beach house, “SURVIVOR” in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Meryl brought along her disco buddy JudiJupiter, and fortunately, she also brought her camera.

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