From Le Monde diplomatique:

The American photographer Adam Ekberg constructs experimental arrangements in front of the camera. His motifs are extremely fleeting and ultimately only exist as photographs. They usually begin as sketches, which he then seeks to transform into “non-scientific experiments”. They are seemingly pointless and yet highly controlled experiments. The motifs are therefore not only staged and recorded by the artist, but actually generated in an elaborate manner. Quite banal everyday objects are used. The construction of a still life is sometimes a long process in which many things go wrong until the “moment when everything comes together”, as the artist says. Timing plays a decisive role here – you have to press the shutter release at the right moment. The artist speaks of “a kind of alchemy” in which a “transformation of the everyday into the poignant” takes place. In the poetic photographs, it is as if the objects have a life of their own. None of the works are digitally manipulated.

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