From Brandon Stosuy’s article for The Guardian:

Jill Greenberg created her series “End Times”, which featured photographs of toddlers crying, in 2005, when she was a new mother and pregnant with her second child. The project was a response to her frustration with George W Bush’s re-election and the religious right’s belief in the rapture, and her concomitant sense of powerlessness. The upstate New York-based artist’s portraits of children throwing fits prompted some criticism, with some people saying that capturing toddlers in distress was inhumane. But she doesn’t see cruelty when she looks back at the work. “Children use crying very directly to communicate because they don’t have words,” she said. “Who says crying is bad? When you are upset or anxious and feeling overwhelmed, sometimes crying can be a means of release. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to be exhausted afterwards, but holding in your emotions isn’t the solution.”

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