From Makenna Karas’ article for Musée Magazine:

We were all born into an ephemeral world. It never promised us permanence, we have reached out for it all on our own. Good art extends that reach. It takes a moment, a second, a click of a shutter, and offers up a record of something that has long since gone away from us, but that happened nonetheless. We can be sure of that.

This desire to freeze dissolving moments is exactly what artist Adam Ekberg explores in his exhibit “Minor Spectacles”, a series of photographs documenting occurrences that existed only for the second that it took to capture them. Growing out of the original exhibit that ran from January through September of 2023 at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, the series is the product of Ekberg’s mission to capture the beauty of ordinary things, creating stains of proof that time cannot easily scrub away.

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