From Meer:

These paintings begin with the purportedly most technologically advanced means of image-making, AI. Using the app AI Art Generator Wonder Avatar, the artist types in prompts that have included the following words and phrases: big afro Black anime man nude in landscape, brown blush skin, feminine, perfect symmetrical face, detailed pupils, evocative pose, smirk, blouse, eyes with elegant eyelashes, blush cheeks, oil painting, sharp, John William Waterhouse, Thomas Cole, Alphonse Mucha, glow and gold chains and jewelry in open nightscape surround by lots of watermelons basketballs and liquor, bottles, long hair , dark blush skin, melanin skin, hyper realistic, Hieronymus Bosch, sex, couple, Lisa Yuskavage, blackamoor with shiny blue skin and long hair coming out of a whirlpool in the ocean surrounded by basketballs and Hennessy bottles floating in the water everywhere around him very detailed, the basketballs are glowing brightly in a dark night sky, very detailed, Caravaggio, Salvador Dalí and Tintoretto, classical art, 400k.

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