From Jacques Kelly’s article for The Baltimore Sun:

A 2002 Baltimore Sun art review compared Mr. Badertscher to photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

“Badertscher’s unapologetically homoerotic nudes, a couple of which are included in this show [at Maryland Art Place] were published a few years ago as Baltimore Portraits, a gritty, sexually graphic volume that has since become something of a local underground classic.”

Queer art historian and curator Jonathan David Katz said, “With the death of Amos Badertscher, America has lost one of its greatest photographers. Walking into Amos’s Baltimore home was as close as I can imagine to seeing King Tut’s tomb for the first time. There were thousands of amazing photographs, each unforgettable and unprecedented. The first thing you saw was their formal sophistication and other-worldly beauty but then the emotional arc hit you like a ton of bricks. This was a history I never knew but can now never shake.”

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