From FAD Magazine:

MOCA London are to present a solo exhibition from Canadian visual artist Zachari Logan. The exhibition’s title Unkraut vergeht nicht, a German proverb that translates in English to “Weeds don’t vanish” and is double-edged in the context of this exhibition. It is used when someone perseveres against adversity, who does not give up, and in the end succeeds- but it can also liken that person to a weed, a troublesome out of place plant. A weed is something not wanted, that is to be ‘pulled up’. In itself, any plant is perfectly fine, but humans see particular plants as unnecessary because they are not what we desire for our own consumption. Weeds: rather queer little plants are (ironically) understood to be ‘invasive.’ Why do weeds always have to shout their weediness, can’t they just hide in the background, keep to themselves, why do they always have to show off? Logan says that he often draws

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