From What Will You Remember?:

Three separate photographic offerings currently on view could hardly be more different. In the Herb Ritts Gallery, Painted Tintypes: Photography for the People gathers a captivating and diverse selection of this affordable, personalized and decoratively framed form of American portraiture, drawn from both private and MFA collections. In the Lubin Family Gallery, Sally Mann and Cy Twombly: Remembered Light creates an unusual conversation by bringing together three sculptures by Twombly, ancient sculptures from the MFA collection and thirteen photographs by Sally Mann of her friend and neighbor Twombly’s studio in Lexington, Virginia. In the Frances Vrachos Gallery / Mary Stamas Gallery, Jess Dugan: Coupled features portraits of LGBTQ couples created using a rare and massive Polaroid camera in the years after the 2004 legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Photographer Meryl Meisler rocks two solo shows, Nightlife NYC, 1977-2023 and ’70s Suburban Sensibilities, Friends & Family which share a sensational dramatic vibe. In contrasty B&W documentary photographs, Meisler celebrates both private and public exuberance. On view from May 19th – August 19th, 2023  (Suburban Sensibilities) and May 19th – September 2nd, 2023 (Nightlife NYC).

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