From Miss Rosen’s article for Huck:

The idyllic hamlet of Massapequa takes its name from a band of Lenape people who called the Southern Shore of Long Island home for thousands of years. By the mid-twentieth century, the booming town had acquired a new name – “Matzoh Pizza” – in honor of its flourishing Jewish and Italian communities who decamped to the suburbs after World War II.

“When my family bought the house back in 1954, it was all vegetable farms,” says Bronx-born, Massapequa-raised photographer Meryl Meisler. “I grew up while the town was being built. Everyone’s house was new and over the top in some way. Most people bought a house on the G.I. Bill for under $15,000 and it was probably the first time their family owned a home so they could decorate any way they wanted.”
And did they ever! In her first solo museum exhibition, 70s Suburban Sensibilities – Family and Friends, Meisler takes us back to her roots in a delightful romp, celebrating the campy styling of 1970s suburban life.

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