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Langer’s exhibit Friends and Lovers, now at New York’s CLAMP Gallery, features a handful of shots and plays a complementary role to his book, although the pictures work as a fine stand-alone exhibit. They include nudes, male and female, some erotically charged.

‘Gleise und Schnee,’ by Jason Langer. Photo by Jason Langer
Several of those shots are published in the book, though he didn’t include others because they were either too provocative or irrelevant. Still, they’re of interest not simply on artistic grounds but because these figures are the acquaintances and friends Langer made during his various stays in Germany.

With or without an accompanying gallery exhibit, the book is riveting, its final shot especially evocative. An expansive sunny landscape, awash in space and lush foliage. Langer hopes the image serves as a release from the myopic, almost claustrophobic photos that preceded it and elicits a sense of peace and reconciliation.

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