From Alexandria Deter’s extensive review of the exhibition “Edge of All Things” at CLAMP for Whitehot Magazine:

The works by Zachari Logan, Eric Rhein, and Adam Liam Rose contemplate this statement in the three-person exhibition “Edge of All Things” on view through March 4, 2023 at CLAMP, New York, NY. How did these three queer male artists, ranging in age, beginning with Rhein (b.1961), followed by Logan (b. 1980), and finally Rose (b. 1990), come together to form this show? It starts with Canadian artist Logan, who was originally supposed to have a solo show at CLAMP. Instead, he asked, and was allowed, to bring into being a conversation with two other artists whose work he admired. Why would Logan do this? An artist willing to give up a solo show opportunity to not just share a space with one artist, but two! Well, it seemed obvious to me, because it’s the queer thing to do. To constantly give to your community, chosen family- wanting every member of it to succeed as much or even more than you – it’s so…queer. Being a part of the queer community can be likened to being a part of a large family that wants you to succeed just as much as they want to.

In addition to the unique way this exhibition came about; Rhein, Logan, and Rose were all present for the install, (if you have ever worked in a gallery you know how tedious/nightmarish this can be). Rather than it being painful with one trying to outshine the other in placement, they instead, focused on best placements for the works as a whole and what having them displayed together meant.

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