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For the opening of this new address, Carole Lambert steps up at once by choosing to exhibit the work of New York photographer Meryl Meisler in Paris for the very first time. Born in 1951, and inspired by Diane Arbus and Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Meryl studied with the legendary Lisette Model before documenting her own life, her camera strapped around her neck. A clubby by night and a teacher by day, it was not until she retired in 2010 that she started to reopen her extraordinary archives thus creating the event. The exhibition focuses on nights at Studio 54, Les Mouches, and CBGB, among others, as well as on her family parties. Driven by impertinence and humour, Meryl captured moments of intense joy and pure craziness at the start of the disco scene, plunging us into New York in the seventies and eighties, a fascinating city in fascinating times.

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