From Jean-Paul Gavard Perret’s article for Le Litteraire:

For the opening of her new address in the Marais, Carole Lambert is showing, for the first time in Paris, the work of New Yorker Meryl Meisler. Inspired by Diane Arbus and Jacques-Henri Lartigue, the photographer, born in 1951, studied with Lisette Model before documenting her own life, camera screwed to her neck.

Clubber by night, teacher by day, she waited until 2010 and her retirement to unveil her exceptional archives. She immediately created the event.

The evenings of Studio 54, Les Mouches and CBGB are found here, as well as the artist’s family celebrations. Are treated impertinence and humor, the moments of pure madness of the beginnings of disco and finds the fascinating New York before the arrival of AIDS.

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