From Sophie Wright’s interview with Brian Paul Clamp for LensCulture:

LensCulture is delighted and honored to have gallerist Brian Clamp on the jury of the Art Photography Awards 2023. Throughout Clamp’s career, enthusiasm has always proved contagious. It was the seed for his interest in photography and it remains at the heart of his relationship with the artists represented by CLAMP, the gallery he founded in New York in 2000.

Whether educating the public or learning about something new himself, the act of sharing is at the forefront of the gallery’s vision. Unrestricted by genre, CLAMP shows a large range of different approaches to photography based on its founder’s enduring curiosity for experimentation in and around the medium. It is a deep commitment to the ideas of the work paired with a willingness to communicate them that are the hallmarks of the kind of artist that Clamp is drawn to, describing the gallerist-artist relationship as a “partnership” that requires work on both sides.

In this interview for LensCulture, Clamp speaks to Sophie Wright about trusting your gut, the key tenets of a successful gallerist-artist relationship and keeping the door open to young artists in a shifting gallery landscape.

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