From Miss Rosen’s extensive feature on CLAMP’s exhibitions “The Lavender Flair” and “Unseen Bidgood: A Memorial Exhibition” for Blind Magazine:

Bidgood’s return to the global stage was beautifully timed, as the world had finally caught up to his fantastical allegories of homoerotic desire. Pop culture, photography, fashion, and art had converged in an explosion of glamour and pomp, as typified by artists like Pierre et Gilles, Steven Arnold, David LaChapelle, and Aaron Cobbett, all of whom drew inspiration from Bidgood’s oeuvre. In a new exhibition, “The Lavender Flair“, currently on view along with “Unseen Bidgood: A Memorial Exhibition, Photographs by James Bidgood (1933-2022)”, gallerist Brian Clamp brings together work by these artists along with Lori Nix/Kathleen Gerber and Lissa Rivera to explore the impact of Bidgood’s work on new generations of artists.

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