From Morgan Campbell’s article for The New York Times:

That a new Mike Tyson project hits stores this summer should not surprise us.

The latest, simply titled “Mike Tyson,” arrives Sept. 6 and is a collection of photographs from Lori Grinker, who followed the fighter for more than a decade, beginning in 1980.

Next week, Hulu is set to begin its biographical series titled “Mike,” a dramatized retelling of the former heavyweight champion’s life in the spotlight. Tyson has criticized Hulu for producing the series without his consent, but Grinker’s book comes from the lens of an insider.

The collection includes pictures of some of Tyson’s best-known moments, including when the promoter Don King lifted him in celebration after he won his first title fight in 1986 and when he took a solitary, predawn run along the Atlantic City boardwalk in 1988.

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