From Laura June Kirsch’s article for Whalebone:

Meryl Meisler is a true NYC legend, the kind of person that makes New York, well, New York. I first met Meryl on March 11th, 2020 a few days before the world changed, during my last assignment before lockdown.

That night I was photographing the opening of Studio 54: Night Magic at the Brooklyn Museum for Jutxtapoz I was admiring some gorgeous nightlife photography when an energetic woman with a large boxy film camera approached me. “You’re a photographer, would you mind taking my picture? This is my artwork.” I soon pieced it together that this was Meryl Meisler, whose work I am a fan of. I owned her book “A Tale Of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick” which showcases her life as a teacher by day and clubgoer by night. I love her artful documentation of nightlife, how she finds the heart and comedy in any social situation, something I’ve always strived for in my own work.

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